We’re a strategically driven brand and design studio 

We don’t design for the sake of it. From business strategy and market research through to creative positioning and polished production, our design and advertising work is diligently considered and perfectly cohesive. Feast is committed to building strong and lasting relationships, and partnering with clients for the long term. We firmly believe that great work comes from good friendships.

Our specialities

Effective marketing begins with strategy, and this starts with your audience. From identifying customer demographics and behaviours, through to segmentation and acquisition, our team will work with you to determine who your customers are and where they are spending time. Once you know your audience, it’s important to develop an understanding of your industry, competition, and product-market-fit, to ensure that your Marketing Strategy cuts through the noise. Only once we understand all of this can the creative magic begin. 

You can’t run a business without knowing your market. Often our clients are too close to their brands to see how their markets are changing or where new potential is emerging. Even a small investment in market research can yield huge advantages here. Our dedicated research team provides insight and analysis that can only come through experience and expertise. With this capability, we can determine where marketing investment will deliver the greatest ROI and, in doing so, make certain every medium and message is precisely on target.

There is a lot more to a brand than just its logo, a good brand evokes emotion, it tells you what it stands for, what it believes in and what it is passionate about. Yes it is the fonts and colours it uses but more than that it is the energy it evokes in its audience. To achieve this you need to understand the fundamentals of what makes your brand unique, after this is established, then you can create the visual language that communicates that.

Advertising works by cutting through the clutter of a crowded marketplace. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but it does have to be effective and measurable. Campaign strategy ensures you are seen and heard in the right place at the right time. We craft creative execution across all multiple media channels that tell your story, connect and engage with your audience. 

When expertly designed and placed correctly, print marketing continues to deliver an impressive return on investment, especially in tourism marketing. Tactile and tangible, more likely to stick with the potential customer well after they’ve swiped past other messages, print builds awareness of your brand while establishing its credibility and authority. We’ve found our clients’ collateral all around the world, more than a decade after we first sent the designs to print. Now that’s an investment that keeps on giving.

The first sign of a credible business these days is a well-designed website. Your audience no longer judges a book by its cover, but a brand by its home page, its Instagram feed or its site navigation. It’s about more than just website design: we focus on customer acquisition through social campaigns and content strategy that harks back to your core brand pillars. Attracting (and retaining) your audience’s attention requires the perfect balance of personality and professionalism. Only then can you engage and convert their interest into a successful and sustained revenue increase. We work closely with experts in digital strategy, engineering the creative twist that engages with your audience, provoking them to take action. 

Your brand should stand proud across all customer touch-points. Sometimes, on a busy street for example, this communication will need to quickly engage and sell with persuasive clarity. Other times, it simply needs to direct and inform, whatever the situation it is a big part of your brand experience and needs to be well considered from the material they are made from, to position in where it is placed. We have experience in all types of signage, from signs that will be used temporarily, to signs that will long outlive us. As with our print capabilities, we have long-standing signage partners, craftsmen in their own right, who allow us to push the envelope in what we create.

Packaging is more than just wrapping your goods, it is huge part in telling your brand story. From a seeing the label on a bottle or opening a box each touch point needs to further enhance the customer experience. This is the first time the consumer will come in psychical contact with your product and the experience is more than visual, it is tactile, functional and leaves an impression long after the product has been consumed or used. We are passionate about packaging and work with a number of suppliers to realise our vision, we manage the process through from conception to creation ensuring the end result not only functions well but looks incredible.



Every great design begins with a brilliant story, and we want to hear yours. Your brand needs to capture your identity.


You’ve been living and breathing your project for a while. We will ask questions and explore your idea, until we are absolutely certain we have the same passion for it as you do!


The modern world is evolving faster than ever. You need confidence that you can keep up with the times and ahead of the pack. We use innovative and insightful research to deliver this confidence.


We are a strategically driven creative agency; we don’t design for the sake of designing. All of our work contributes to your overall strategic goals – if a ‘great’ idea doesn’t align or accomplish what’s required it’s quickly binned.


Most of our clients see us as an extension to their team. We take pride in staying in regular contact, with the entire process being iterative and transparent so you’ll know exactly what’s going on.


If your investment doesn’t lead to customers, engagement, sales, or whatever measurement is important to you…then we aren’t doing our job.