The Victoria Store Brewery

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A blend of the historic gold rush of the 1860’s and the abundant rabbits who’ve now taken up residence in the nearby hills.

A rush of new inhabitants seeking golden fortunes

In the early 1860s, Clyde, Central Otago experienced a rush of new inhabitants seeking golden fortunes.

By 1863, the pioneering Benjamin Naylor opened doors to the first general store with a mission of supplying much-needed essentials to the area’s newest inhabitants. Over the years, The Victoria Store became a well-known staple in the area and in 2015 a complete redevelopment was undertaken to add a restaurant, bar and brewery, café, bakery and deli.

The team behind the Victoria Store turned to Feast to help develop three distinct brands – one for the café, deli & bakery, one for the restaurant, and one for the brewery – which could live alongside each other, but also work to celebrate the historic location and township of Clyde.

With these objectives in mind, we harnessed the iconic look of the building itself, and its New Zealand Historic Places Trust recognition, to develop a visual representing the original store. We then harnessed font types characteristic of the 1860s and the design style used in the time of the gold rush.

For the brewery itself, we also wanted to create an identity with a personality of its own. The owners of Olivers had a vision to personify the areas’ current most populous inhabitants – rabbits. In celebrating the rush of gold seekers in the past, we commissioned unique illustrations which juxtaposition rabbits in scenarios familiar to the gold seekers of the day.

These illustrations stand proud on the packaging with their own unique lock-ups to create a range of beers not only reflecting the area but with personalities which harken back to its heritage.