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Boutique Rum Brand

A historically loaded labour of love, Sunken Cannon is a boutique rum label with an incredible back story. Brewed in the small Bay of Islands town of Kororāreka (Russell), a whaling port since the first European footprints in New Zealand where there were more whorehouses than storehouses, more madams than missionaries, more grog than groceries. You could say Kororāreka was New Zealand’s original home of rum. Below the waters in the harbour of Kororāreka lies a sunken cannon, a reminder of the Battle of Kororāreka in the 1840s and the namesake of the sunken cannon brand.

Sunken Cannon wanted to capture the history of the place and the long standing origins of rum in the area; our goal was to create a brand that reflected not only the stories of the area and enthusiasm behind the venture, but also carried a presence and credibility within a saturated boutique market.