Love Queenstown

Love Queenstown Brand

Feast was approached by Destination Queenstown to bring to life this significant collaboration between Destination Queenstown and Lake Wānaka Tourism in partnership with the Wakatipu Community Foundation. The brief was to create a brand that would sit under the banner of the Destination Queenstown identity, clearly communicating the relationship between the two brands. The additional challenge was to create an identity that sat harmoniously alongside the organic sister brand Love Wanaka.

Love Queenstown needed to feel warm and friendly while maintaining an air of professionalism. The result was an adaption of the Destination Queenstown logomark to form the Love Queenstown woven heart. The heart symbol encompasses all the elements that play into the make up of Queenstown; Community, culture, environment, visitors. The symbol illustrates all these aspects woven together, making the fabric and magic that is Queenstown while also capturing a nod to our mountainous landscape.

We are proud to have been part of this exciting new movement for our region, taking action to meet the greatest challenge and opportunity of our time: a regenerative, carbon-zero future.