The brief was to capture the culture of Malaysian street food and transport this to New Zealand. Keeping it’s authenticity, diversity, intensity and flavour.

Vibrant and authentic

Whilst keeping the authenticity, diversity, intensity and flavour of the brand, we took what was central and literally rolled it up – just like a ‘Hawker and Roll’ wraps up the flavours of Malaysia to carry them to New Zealand. The circle of the logo represents a Roti, the wrap that holds the brand together. The filling for this is the type, harnessing the flavour of a Malaysian script but with a modern twist and also representing the many hand-painted signs you find at hawker markets. The tiger is the spice giving the logo that little extra heat and Malaysian flavour.

The details

"The brand is easily adapted across many disciplines as demonstrated in the images. The result is a spicy mix of executions from signage, uniforms and branded material. It is inviting, and authentic, but offers something new and unexpected to the world of fast, fresh, food.”