Amisfield has a core belief that their wine is ‘Grown not made’. This is coupled with a strong brand belief in sustainability and a sense of place.

Cellar Door Packaging

In considering new cellar door packaging, Amisfield provided a design brief to draw inspiration from the vineyard location at the foot of the Pisa mountains and their wine making philosophy of minimal intervention, letting the soil and environment speak for themselves.

With some research on the local geography and a knowledge of what makes their wines unique, we focused on the local rock ‘schist’ found in the soils of the vineyard from the nearby Pisa Range. This rock, over time, forms strong contrasting lines reflecting the landscape above, this in turn reflects the time the wine making process takes to create outstanding wines. This rock formation also plays a hand in shaping the wines’ flavour as it is the rocky soils and dry climate that make the wines of this vineyard what they are.

We took a cross-section of the schist rock and printed it over a simple brown sustainable card. To create a connection to the master brand we introduced the copper line that flows around the packs, which reflects the copper roof of the winery and the brand logo on their labels. The dark lower section of the packaging represents what is happening below the earth and the light section the mountains (Pisa Range) rising above to give a sense of place (embossed section).

The details

We employed printing techniques of embossing and foiling to add a distinctive flavour of richness. The single bottle box is cleverly designed to house all of the winery’s different bottles, making it a multi-purpose pack.

The same design flows across a two bottle bag, four bottle carry case and a six bottle lay down case. As a range of packaging they hold together as a unit and create a strong visual image for the brand.