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Shotover Jet 50th Branding

50 years of ADRENALINE!

Getting hearts racing on the river since 1965, Shotover Jet was never going to turn 50 quietly! To celebrate this milestone they came to us with the request to create a special icon that would capture not only the retro beginnings of Shotover Jet, but also embody the elements that have made them a tourism legend. From this initial icon the project grew and a 50 years of Shotover Jet sub-brand was born. If you’re turning 50, you might as well do it properly!

All brands have a story behind their logo. This one is fairly simple. It’s an eye-catching extension of the already well known Shotover Jet brand. With distinct typographic illustration, the two white lines represent the twin engines that power the big reds. They also make you think of of racing tracks. Enter speed, excitement, ADRENALINE!

Application of the brand

It was important that this icon was versatile enough to be rolled out across various collateral -merchandise, advertising, flags, large scale signage and vehicles. 

Vehicle Signage

We took the ‘racing tracks’ theme and ran with it. FAST! like the boats. From the road to the go-kart track, we gave the vehicles racing stripes enhancing the idea of speed, excitement and adrenaline. Fast cars -no speeding tickets (we hope!).


A big part of this project was reflecting on how far Shotover Jet has come in 50 years. Celebrating the past and bringing some of those old school elements back to life. We were commissioned to produce a retro illustration harking back to the 1960’s and Shotover Jet’s humble beginnings. Is it a piece of art? Or a sales tool? We think it’s both. And more.