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Queenstown Rebrand

Rebranding NZ’s Top Tourism Destination

Undertaking a big re-brand is always an exciting project. When it happens to be for a company that holds the job of marketing the very town that you love and call home, the excitement is tenfold.

Queenstown is majestic mountains and stunning lakes. It’s vibrant, it’s exciting, it’s FUN! (capital letters, bold, exclamation mark). It has energy, excitement, a beating heart. It’s the tourism capital of NZ and there’s always a finger on the pulse. Our objective was to produce a cohesive and united brand identity to take to the world. We wanted to bring Queenstown to life, to ignite the imagination of travellers worldwide and inspire them to come visit this amazing place we call home.

Application of the Brand

In this new logo, you can see all of the things that make Queenstown so unique. The mountains and the lakes. The steep valleys and gullies. The heartbeat. The excitement. The feeling you get when you lay eyes on where you've landed. The dramatic change of seasons we experience and the vibrant colours that they bring. The next challenge was how to roll the brand out to the world...