PO Box 719, Queenstown, 9348

Queenstown Airport

A Remarkable Touch Down

At the end of last year Queenstown Airport was in the market for a new website. We put our hands up, won the pitch and as the story usually goes, the rest is history. Upon pushing their new site live in mid 2015, there was an instant increase in traffic and engagement which we’ve retained. The success of this site was the catalyst to a beautiful relationship of campaigning and design across all mediums.

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Getting you where you need to go

Like making sure you’ve got your passport when you’re heading overseas, we like to make sure our websites are easy for users to navigate. Icons are a great way to do this. Creating a new set of icons was instrumental to this website design. Keeping the traditional and recognisable symbols used within airport wayfinding, we freshened ours up and gave them a modern twist. The result... icons that are instantly recognisable and help get you where you need to go!

UI Design (that’s nerd code for usability)…

Usability is key to any new website design. When you need vital information like flight times and delays, you can’t be mucking about scrolling, searching. It needs to be BAM! right there, in your face. So, we created a clear and simple flight display system, no nerd skills required. There’s colour coding to show the status of flights (that’s a little nerdy) and easily recognisable airline graphics, allowing the user to quickly and easily find the information they need. There’s also a new pre-booking system for parking so you can get ahead of the game on that front too.

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