PO Box 719, Queenstown, 9348

Olivers Victoria Store, Clyde

Making history cool again

Olivers of Clyde was founded as a general store way back in 1863, supplying the hordes of gold seeking prospectors with the essentials required to survive in the gold rush hey day. Fast forward to 2015 and Olivers has undergone a complete redevelopment. Three new businesses now operate from the large corner site that was originally the store and stables for historic Clyde in the 1800’s. Today, Olivers at The Victoria Store boasts a restaurant, bar and brewery, café, bakery and deli. All of which we’ve stamped our creative mark on, infusing old world charm with modern cool.

Branding (no hot iron required!)

The team at Olivers came to us with the challenge of developing three new brands that would sit alongside each other, but would also reflect the historic location and township of Clyde.

With that in mind, we used the iconic building frontage to create a recognisable icon that is used across all three brands. Old style typefaces aid in giving the new brands an old world feeling, harking back to the history of the region in the 1800’s. By developing a stylized figure of the actual first merchant of Clyde, Benjamin Naylor, and using him in the logo for The Merchant, we have brought him and his story back to life. Reflecting the regions history was important to the team at Olivers and this has influenced the types of signage and materials we used in this project.

Sugar, spice and all that is nice…

The three brands have also been applied to merchandise, produce, menus and uniforms. We continue to develop packaging for products and advertising collateral for Olivers, all whilst continuing to share the story of historic Clyde.