PO Box 719, Queenstown, 9348

Gibbston Valley Winery

Time for a new website

In 2014 Gibbston Valley Winery approached us to redesign and update their website. They wanted to show the many sides of their ever growing and changing business; a business that offers high quality wines, a member’s only wine club, on site wine tours and tastings, plus much more. We planned and designed a website that could showcase all their offerings, whilst being easy for the user to navigate and explore, all the time reflecting the brand that is Gibbston Valley Winery.

Visit the Gibbston Valley Winery website >

Taking a modular approach to web design

With a big exciting project like this, with lots of content and various people managing that content, we needed a comprehensive yet easy to use content management system. We decided to take a modular approach to this build, creating a set of content blocks, such as headers, text blocks, galleries, promos and videos (to name a few) that the client could use to build pages as and when they needed, allowing the website to expand and develop over time, essentially making it ‘future-proof’.

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